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Twin City TJ's, Inc.

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Twin City TJ's, Inc.


34 years ago, Tamra took a job as a secretary- making $4.05 an hour- working for a franchisee of Burger King and Taco John’s. “My job was to open the mail and collect paperwork from the restaurant, bundle it up and send it to the accountant,” she recalls. As her experience with numbers and data began to accumulate, Kennedy took the initiative to help track restaurant metrics to improve operations.

After 17 years and a series of hands-on training courses — including spending a year as part of the night crew to learn the operations side of the business— Tamra was offered the opportunity to buy the restaurants from the owner.

She currently owns and operates nine locations, primarily in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in Minnesota, with one restaurant in central Iowa.

Kennedy has become an outspoken proponent of franchising. She currently serves as a Board Member of the IFA [International Franchising Association] and the 2018 Co-Chair of the Board Franchisee Engagement Task Force. Tamra is also the Vice Chair of the Franchisee Forum and a member of the Franchise Relations Committee at IFA.

In 2017, Tamra was afforded the high honor of testifying before the US Congress about the Joint Employer issues in franchising. Her many efforts on behalf of franchising were recognized when she received the award for 2017 FAN [Franchise Action Network] of the year.